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What is it?

Precision Systems has been manufacturing its Hydro-Pac factory built water booster station for over 20 years. Precision Systems mounts, plumbs, and wires all the components for your water booster station on a fabricated steel base. This skid can then be enclosed with a housing that meets your needs for aesthetics, cost, and durability or shipped as a skid for incorporation into a larger building. Arriving at the job site complete, the Hydro-Pac requires only connection of the suction and discharge piping and main power supply to be put into operation. The Hydro-Pac is a simple cost effective solution to your water distribution needs.

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What's in it?
Hydro-Pacs include all of the equipment necessary for a complete booster pump station. Examples include:
  • Pumps (Inline, End Suction, Split Case, Turbines, etc.)
  • Isolation and Check Valves
  • Internal Piping
  • Pump Control Panel
  • Pressure Gauges
In addition, Precision Systems can provide customized options upon request. Some of the additional components we've provided on previous stations are:
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Flow Meters
  • Standby Power Generators
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Chart Recorders
  • Chemical Feed Systems
  • Station HVAC Systems
  • Traveling Bridge Cranes

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Hydro-Pac Brochure

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Featured Installations
Fishkill1 Fishkill2 Fishkill3

This Tip-Up unit was shipped to Fishkill, NY in 2005. It has two separate Tip-Up enclosures mounted on a common base; one dedicated to the pumps and the other to the controls and control valves. An in-line booster station controlled locally, via pressure transducers, it uses two different size pumps (three pumps total) operated with variable speed drives to maintain pressure.

Grants Pass, OR is the home of this booster station that shipped in December, 2005. This 32 ft. long pump station included 4 pumps of various sizes, two hydro-pneumatic storage tanks, and a traveling bridge crane for the pumps. A 125 KW generator powers 3 of the 4 pumps in the event of a power outage.

GrantsPass2 GrantsPass3
LasVegas1 LasVegas2 LasVegas3

With two pumps rated for 525 GPM @ 125 ft. TDH, this small Tip-Up unit boosts pressure for a commercial development in Las Vegas, NV. The skid is slightly larger than 9 ft. long and houses two pumps, the variable speed drives, and the pump control panel. This station was shipped in August of 2002 and was placed into operation within 2 days of arrival.  

NewBuffalo1 NewBuffalo2
NewBuffalo3 NewBuffalo4

This 42 ft. long pump station was purchased by New Buffalo Township, MI and installed in 2007. This unit features four separate rooms; one for pumps and controls, one for the generator and electrical distribution, and two separate chemical feed system rooms. The variable speed pumps output is controlled by level with a remote elevated storage tank as well as the output of a second existing pump station pumping to the same tower. Both stations and the tower communicate via a dedicated phone line telemetry system. The housing covered with maintenance free vinyl siding that simulates red brick. Other finishes are available.  

MilfordUT EllitsvilleIN

This unit in Milford, UT is our largest Tip-Up enclosure measuring 13 ft. in length. Opening of the enclosure is assisted such that the maximum lifting weight is less then 30 pounds. This station was placed into operation in 2002.

This small Tip-Up unit was installed in 2006 near Bloomington, IN to boost pressure to a new residential development. The station contains two pumps each rated for 52 GPM @ 70 ft. TDH on its 5 ft. by 6 ft. skid.

SChicago1 SChicago2
SChicago3 SChicago4
   In operation in South Chicago Heights since 2001, this large Hydro-Pac measured 32 ft. long by 12 ft. wide. This Walk-In style unit contains two split case pumps with piping for a third. A separate room also contains a stand-by power generator and automatic transfer switch to power the entire station in the event of a power outage. The station contains all pump controls, flow meter, chart recorders and a bridge crane for the pumps.
Mechanicville1 Mechanicville2
  Shipped to Mechanicville, NY in 2005, this 34 ft. long skid contains three split case pumps rated for 1,050 GPM. Raw water from two separate reservoirs is directed thru the station and is either gravity fed or pumped, depending on the reservoir, to the water treatment plant. This complex control system is controlled at the water treatment plant via a telemetry system.

What styles are available?

 Tip-Up Tip-Up


The most economical Hydro-Pac is offered in our Tip-Up enclosure. A single piece enclosure that keeps the equipment out of the elements and out of sight; it tilts to provide access for routine maintenance or can be removed for unrestricted access. It is available in a variety of colors to meet the customers' needs for aesthetics.

We also manufacture Hydro-Pacs in our Partial-Bury style enclosures. This unit shown during installation will be buried up to the white fiberglass housing when installed, leaving only 4 ft. of housing above grade. It allows for indoor maintenance of the equipment within the station, but minimizes the visual impact of the stations exterior on the surrounding area.

 Partial-Bury Partial-Bury

Walk-In Hydro-Pacs are also available from Precision Systems. We commonly use our standard fiberglass enclosure, as shown here, which are available in a variety of sizes and colors. As demonstrated above in the Featured Installations section, the Hydro-Pac can also use an enclosure that simulates traditional building materials such as cedar, stone, or brick.


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