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What is it?

The Valve-Pac is a factory built packaged valve vault for a submersible waste water pump station. It is an ideal way to reduce field installation time and expense at a waste water pump station. The Valve-Pac also significantly reduces the footprint of a pump station by locating the valves next to the wet well rather then in a separate confined space entry valve pit. Arriving at the job site as a complete assembled unit, the Valve-Pac is suitable for new pump stations and ideal for retrofit applications with limited time off line. Consider the Valve-Pac for your next submersible pump station.

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What's in it?

Buried Valve-Pac Standard Features: 

  • 2", 4" or 6" piping configuration
  • Molded fiberglass basin
  • Bypass pumping quick connect fittings
  • Upper guide rail brackets(by others) installed
  • Pump control panel(by others) installed
  • 300# aluminum access hatches
  • Cable brackets

Tip-Up  Valve-Pac Standard Features:

  • 2", 4", or 6" piping configurations
  • Seamless molded fiberglass housing
  • Bypass pumping quick connect fitting
  • Upper guide rail brackets( by others) installed
  • Pump control panel ( by others) installed
  • 300# aluminum access hatch
  • Cable brackets.

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Sales Brochure

Valve-Pac Brochure







Valve-Pac Sales Brochure

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Buried Valve-Pac Buried Valve-Pac Buried Valve-Pac

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What styles are available?

Buried Valve-Pac

The Buried Valve-Pac features a single piece fiberglass module that contains two separate chambers, one for wet well / pump access and the other for the valves. Two separate access doors are provided for these two chambers. The unit is designed such that the pump control panel can be mounted directly on the Valve-Pac if desired.

Tip-Up Valve-Pac

The Tip-Up Valve-Pac eliminates the confined space entry problem associated with typical valve boxes. The valves are located above ground in a fiberglass enclosure. The package includes an automatic air release valve as well as suction and bypass connection points for by pass pumping. Designed with standard pipe fittings, the Valve-Pac meets the Hydraulic Institute recommendations and is non-proprietary to any specific pump manufacturer. Shipped complete with a pump access hatch, the Tip-Up Valve-Pac is ideal for quick and simple retrofit applications.

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