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Depth Charge

What is it?

The Depth Charge is a mixing system that re-suspends floating solids such as fats, oils, and grease as well as settled solids within a pump station wet well allowing the pumps to remove them. Because this mixing occurs during every pumping cycle, the solids are kept to a manageable size preventing any repetitive clogging problems normally associated with pump stations with large amounts of solids. This mixing is accomplished using a small volume of high pressure air injected immediately before the pump is energized. This air creates sufficient turbulence within the wet well to mix in the solids and then exit the water prior to energizing the pumps. The pump is then energized removing the re-suspended solids. The entire cycle occurs automatically with no moving parts being added to the wet well.  

Does it sound to good to be true? Have a look at the Action Video below. The Depth Charge within this station has not had one pump clog in 5 years of operation. Prior to the Depth Charge installation, the pumps clogged once every 5 weeks.

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What's in it?

The Depth Charge consists of two major parts; the control panel and the injector bands. The control panel houses a PLC based controller, compressor, and air storage tank. It is designed to be mounted near the pump control panel. The PLC monitors the "Lead Pump On" float switch and controls the air injection and pause cycle prior to starting the lead pump. These timed cycles can be adjusted by the owner to meet the requirements for each application.

The injector bands are the business end of the Depth Charge. Mounted in the wet well on the wall each injector band contains 4 equally spaced injector nozzles. Installed along the wall of the wet well they minimize interference with other station components and increase the effectiveness of the injected air.

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Sales Brochure

Depth Charge Brochure

Depth Charge Sales Brochure

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Video Gallery

Depth Charge Action
Depth Charge Action Video (30 Seconds)

Depth Charge Testimonial Video (4 Minutes 40 Seconds)

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