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Depth Charge - FAQ's Print E-mail

How does the Depth Charge Work?
The Depth Charge uses a compressed air injection system to create significant turbulence within a waste water wet well/pump station, immediately prior to pump operation. This turbulence mixes both floating, fats, oils and grease, and settled solids into the water and allows the pump to remove them from the wet well.

 Will the Depth Charge clog the pump?
Because the Depth Charge works during every pumping cycle, the solids are continuously mixed and not allowed to build up into large solids that clog the pumps

What are its advantages over conventional methods of grease removal?
The Depth Charge has several features over conventional methods. They are:
The Depth Charge does not use chemicals; eliminating their handling requirements.
The Depth Charge has no moving parts in the wet well.
Depth Charge operation is automatic.
The Depth Charge control panel is programmable by the user allowing for additional mixing, if required.
The Depth Charge unit is self-contained eliminating requirements for wet well additives.

Will the Depth Charge eliminate grease from my wet well?
No, the only way to eliminate grease is from the source. The Depth Charge will eliminate the build up of grease within the wet well. Click the Depth Charge Action Button to see the maximum amount of grease inside a wet well using the Depth Charge.

Will the injectors clog?
It is possible, but highly unlikely. The air is injected frequently and at an extremely high pressure in order to create the turbulence within the wet well.

How is it installed?
A series of injectors will be installed on the wall of the wet well. The Depth Charge control panel will require a minimum 120/1/60 (other connections available) electrical power source. The Depth Charge control panel will be connected to the pump control panel to control the operation of the Depth Charge® panel.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the unit is dependent on the application. Use the Contact Us or E-Mail buttons to contact us and further discuss your specific application needs.

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