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What is it? 

Precision Systems developed the turn key solution for your next waste water pump station, the Twin-Pac, over 20 years ago. Built and tested on our production floor by trained assemblers, the Twin-Pac eliminates the costly hassles and untimely delays of non-integrated site built pump stations. A complete pump station delivered on a truck ready to be lifted off, set on a pad, wired and turned on. It is not uncommon for Twin-Pac's to be operational within 2 to 3 days of delivery. With various enclosure styles to meet any customers' needs for aesthetics or price, the Twin-Pac is the right choice for your next pump station. Learn why the Twin-Pac is the best solution for your next waste water pump station in 3 minutes, Click here.

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What's in it?
Twin-Pacs contain all of the components required to operate a typical waste water pump station. These include:
  • Waste water Pumps
  • Pump Control Panel
  • Waste water Isolation and Check Valves
  • Stand-by Power Generator
  • Fuel Cell for Diesel Engines
  • Automatic Transfer Switch

Twin-Pacs also include many items that are not found on typical waste water pump stations. These include:

  • Indoor Maintenance Area
  • Electric Heater
  • Trouble and /or Station Lighting
  • Lockable Entry Door or Hatch
  • Complete Piped Fuel System
  • 120 Volt GFI Convenience Outlet 

Twin-Pacs can also include many customer driven pieces of equipment that are becoming more prevalent on today's waste water pumps stations. Examples of the include:

  • Soft Starts
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Cushioned Check Valves
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Surge or Lightning Protection

All of these components will arrive on a single skid mounted, wired, tested, and ready to be turned on. The Twin-Pac makes waste water pump stations easy.


 Typical submersible Tip-Up Twin-Pac.  Vacuum prime Twin-Pac in construction.
 Open Submersible  Vacuum in construction


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Sales Brochure
Twin-Pac Brochure Image

Twin-Pac Brochure

Featured Installations
Twin Pac
Twin Pac
Twin Pac

This Partial-Buried unit was installed in Merrillville, Indiana in 1998. It features a 100 KW natural gas generator and two (2) 40 HP submersible pumps. The generator is sized to operate both pumps and all auxiliary loads within the station.

Twin Pac
Twin Pac
Twin Pac

A 25 KW diesel unit installed in Levittown, Pennsylvania. The unit was brought online is 1999. The two (2) 10 HP submersible pumps are the main influent pumps for this waste water treatment plant. This is a Walk-In unit with a customer specified color for the housing.

This unit is installed in Edwardsville, Illinois. It features a 50 KW diesel generator and 6 in. discharge piping. This is a duplex 15 hp submersible station.

Twin Pac
Twin Pac
Twin Pac
Our newest station design, the Tip-Up Twin-Pac. This unit was installed in Portage, Indiana in 2002. It features dual tip-up housings, one for the generator and the other for the piping and controls. The generator for this station is a 20 KW natural gas generator with two (2) 4 in. discharge submersible pumps and 4 in. piping. The pump control panel was manufactured by Precision Systems.
Twin Pac
Twin Pac
Twin Pac

This unit, installed in Crown Point, Indiana is packed with features. Station piping is 10 in., the generator is a 70 KW natural gas generator. The station also contains the customer specified control panel and automatic phone dialer, as well as two (2) variable speed drive units for the 50 HP submersible pumps.

This unit, installed in Stroh, IN for the Bear Lake RSD is unique. The station itself contains two 20 hp submersible pumps rated for 600 GPM @ 40 ft. TDH and 6 in. discharge piping for those pumps. The generator, a 200 KW unit, is sized to operate the pumps with the station, as well as, the entire treatment plant in the event of a power failure.

Installed in Massachusetts in 1998, this Partial-Buried unit was installed as part of a housing development. The station contains 4 in. vacuum prime pumps with a 50 KW natural gas generator.
Twin Pac
Twin Pac
Twin Pac
This station is called the Levee Lift Station by its owner, the City of West Lafayette, Indiana. This station was installed as part of a major renovation to this area. The station has a 35 KW natural gas generator with two (2) 15 HP vacuum prime pumps. The discharge piping is 4 in. The station was brought on line in 2000.

This vacuum primed Partial-Buried unit also contains a 35 KW diesel generator. The station is located at the end of a housing development in West Lafayette, IN and was installed in 1998.

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What styles are available?

 Tip-Up Tip-Up Twin-Pac 

The Tip-Up Twin-Pac, photo on left, is our most cost effective system. Incorporating all of the components listed above, Tip-Up Twin-Pacs can range in size from fractional horsepower grinder pumps up to 30 horsepower non-clogs. The unit features a small footprint that overhangs the wet well. The lifting of the enclosures is assisted with gas charged lift.

The Partial-Bury Twin-Pac shown here is our lowest profile pump station. The unit is buried 5 ft. in the earth using the earth for both climate control and sound attenuation of the generator. This unit can house a 200 KW generator capable of powering a 150 HP pump all while sticking out of the ground less then 4 ft. Partial-Bury is a technology that Precision Systems developed in the '80's and has used quite successfully around the country on aesthetically challenged installations.

 Partial-Bury Partial-Bury Twin-Pac 
 Walk-In Walk-In Twin-Pac 

The Walk-In Twin-Pac is used for the largest stations. Available in our cost effective fiberglass enclosures as shown here, or any number of more traditional building materials such as brick, cedar plank, etc. All enclosures, regardless of material, feature a single piece leak proof housing. The Walk-In Twin-Pac accommodates generators up to 500 KW and 12 in. valves.

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