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What is it?

The Odor-Pac is a simple inexpensive solution to the problem of waste water wet well odor. It is a passive collection system mounted on the wet well vent that contains no moving parts and requires no electrical connections. Disguised to appear like a typical control panel at a lift station, the Odor-Pac is the first best alternative to odor control at typical waste water pump stations.

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What's in it?

The Odor-Pac contains approximately two cubic feet of a mulch like media. It is a non-proprietary material that is capable of absorbing up to 15 lbs of Hydrogen Sulfide; sufficient for annual replacements for typical waste water wet wells. It is a non-hazardous material that can be safely handled and disposed.


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Odor-Pac Brochure

Odor-Pac Brochure

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